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Malaysian Airlines Goes Missing With 200 Passengers! What Is The Mystery Behind It?

The mystery of the fight crash has just shocked everyone all around the world. A flight that few Malaysia was claimed to be crashed in the South Indian Ocean. However, the matter is unsolved, and a lot of theories about the same has been made. Check out everything you need to know.

Malaysian Airlines That Got Missing

It is believed that the Malaysian Airlines, flew and travelled almost 2,700 miles. However, right before reaching the destination, it was claimed to be crashed in the South Indian Ocean. It hit in the coordinates of S34.2342 and E93.7875.


However, the most shocking thing about it is the fact that the aeroplane isn’t confirmed to be crashed. But to be missing. The Australian official even mentioned in his recent statement that the plane is missing with 100 nautical miles of the potential impact site.

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Scientists and many officials are studying about the missing plane since nobody saw this coming. En though some officials claim that the aircraft is crashed in the South India Ocean but theirs no proud about it and hence it is believed that is missing.


According to the reports, a similar incident happened in 2014 as well, where people couldn’t find about the missing plane and 230 passengers on the flight for years. But later found pieces of the same plane in the South Indian Ocean.


Mr Iannello is the man who has worked for similar cases in the past, including the 2014 and 2018 one. He claimed that according to him the plane isn’t crashed since this time they found no evidence about the same. However, it is probably missing. What do you think about it?


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