Mandalorian Chapter 11: ‘The Heiress’, Best Episode Of The Season. Features Bo-Katan In Action.

The 11th chapter of the 2nd season of ‘The Mandalorian’ is already out. And we have noticed a variety of responses about how exciting, unique and amazing it is. The 11th chapter is titled as ‘The Heiress’ and it is the best episode in the 2nd season so far and viewers can’t deny it. What’s the most exciting thing about the episode is, that it featured Bo-Katan. Check out everything you need to know about it.


The start of the episode is what took everybody’s heart. In in start we see charters that we know and love from the Star Wars animated shows like The Clone Wars and Rebels. It made the whole episode so special and it connected really well with the audience. Since the charters already have a special place in the viewers heart.

The 10th Episode

Further the episode introduced us Katee Sackhoff who is playing Bo-Katan Kryze. However, she is playing that in her live action form. Soon after she enters she joins the group with the other two Mandalorian. The charters in the group currently includes Koska Reeves, played by Sasha Banks and Axe Woves, played by Simon Kassianides.

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The show is based on Mandalorian, that are basically group of operatives that are known to be Nite Owls. They are a factions that can go all the way to Clone Wars. However, what’s contradictory about it is that they weren’t always on Jedi side or the established order on the planet Mandalorian. However, in the 11th chapter, we can see the entry of Bo-Katan and her crew, trying to do all good for the people. They try to get their home planet back and have the empire from falling apart.

Mando’s Act

In the 10th episode, we also see Mando making it up to the water planet. That is all surrounded by Mon Calamari and Quarren. And after that, we see a very emotional scene that can connect with the audience well. We seethe frog lady giving eggs and meeting the frogman back and that way the whole family is completed and everybody is very happy all together. No matter how much work Mando has he manages to mind another house where he could help them and get their family back to complete his mission.


With all the hard work and dedication we can see that Mando saves up 3 Mandalorian all together and gets them their family back. And that is not all, the other Mandalorians tries everything from flying up high to risking their lives to save up families and lives. However, that is still not all, Mando along with the other Mandalorian helps people no matter what. And that is what connects the audience emotionally and mentally. The 10th episode is claimed to be the best one of the whole season so far.


It has taken the viewers on a roller coaster ride of emotions where they actually connected. Fans can’t wait for the next season to be relased as well. However, their no confirmation about it but all we can do it wait and expect it to be relased by next year.


Stay tuned with us for more such updated about your favourite show. What do you think about the 10th episode?
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