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Mandy Rose: WWE Star Lives Up To Her Name Golden Goddess In Undershoot Photoshoot

Source: The Sun

Mandy Rose Looks Gorgeous In Underwear Photoshoot

Source: The Sun

Mandy Rose posted snaps on Twitter and Instagram in a Calvin Klein set. The RAW wrestler left little to the imagination for the fans.
More than 230,000 likes came on each Instagram posts.

She shared one shot of her lounging on a couch to her 2.6 million Instagram fans. She shared another picture with a torn pair of jeans and captioned it:
“It’s a blue jean kinda dream.”

OnΒ herΒ Account,Β aΒ comparableΒ shotΒ ofΒ RoseΒ pickingΒ aΒ coffeeΒ cupΒ wasΒ sharedΒ andΒ earnedΒ 23kΒ likes.
Alongside the snap she wrote: “Who else needs coffee first thing in the AM before they can talk to anyone?!”
After the assault by her former tag-team partner, Rose was gunning for vengeance. Allover Rose’s face, Deville smeared her lipstick. He smashed her head into the floor and cut her hair.
Deville posted the clip on Twitter after the incident and wrote.
“Daddy’s back, who needs a trim?! Test me again b****.”

Rose Moved On and Embraced The Look

Source: The Sun
Rose was called God’s Greatest Invention. The hashtag # GodsGreatestSoccerMom went viral after Deville chopped her hairs.
She was happy with the nickname. The 30-year-old showed off her new look with confidence.
She posted a picture on her Instagram page with a caption:

“Break me???

“Oh hunny more like a lit a fire under my a**! And thanks for the new haircut #GodsGreatestSoccerMom #SmackDown.”

She embraced the look and nails it in her new photoshoot. She lives up to her name- Golden Goddess.

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