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Mangamo Gives 2 Months Free Trial Subscription!


The outbreak of the COVID-19 has brought the world to a halt. People have been forced to stay home due to quarantine. We all have been finding new ways of keeping ourselves entertained. But there are several factors out there that are making this period fun for us. Amazon Kindle, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and various other streaming channels are working for those stuck on the inside. Similarly, Mangamo is a collection of Manga.

Mulitple streaming networks have increased their trial period by two months. It appears as Mangamo has already joined the list. And it looks like now you’ll also be able to get hold of your favourite Manga anytime.

For those of you who do not know, Manga is Japanese comic books that are generally read from right to left.Β There is no age group to watch Manga. It comes with many genres such as action, mystery, comedy, romance, sci-fi and many more.

Get all Manga in the new Mangamo application.

What Is Mangamo?

Mangano is the first of its kind mobile manga subscription service. It has been the go-to platform for manga lovers all over the globe. This brand new manga subscription service was launched on April 15 for iOS. In the coming days, over 300+ titles are going to be added to Mangamo.

A simple manga costs about $10-$15 USD. This makes it inaccessible for people outside Japan to get hold of their favourite cartoon. On the contrary, Mangamo is offering two months of free trial on its subscription. You can now enjoy your favourite manga ad-free anytime on your mobile phones. It provides unlimited access to all its readers. The readers can access any of the Manga they wish anytime anywhere.

This service was developed by the same team of experts responsible for the success of Crunchyroll, Hulu, and Viz. The App has partnered with 11 different manga publishers from Japan, China, and Korea. Mangamo’s partners include Kodansha, TOPPAN, Comicsmart and North Star Pictures. As the App is still in its Beta phase, readers may expect slowness at times. However, the benefits include a smart navigation system followed by crisp text and illustrations and a clean interface.

Mangamo announces free trails for two months.

What After My Subscription Ends?

Mangamo is available on iOS devices for a low price of $4.99. The two month trial period will accurately tell you whether you wish to have this App or not.

How Do I Download The App?

The App is available for download. You can download through the App Store for your iOS. Simultaneously there are alternate versions too that are compatible with your iPhone and iPad.

Some of the titles featured on Mangamo are Attack On Titan, Fire Force, and The Akatsuki Babies. The company is planning to develop the App for several other portals in further stages.

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