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Mariah Carey ex-fianceΒ James Packer, Not Mentioned In Her Memoir

Mariah Carey &Β James Packer Relationship

Mariah Carey recently spoke about her ex-fiance James Packer, revealing some major secret before their split. Besides, she also revealed the type of relationship she shared with the star.

Mariah Carey, speaks on ex-fiance James Packer

Carey had recently released her latest memoir titled ‘The Meaning of Mariah Carey’, guess she didn’t want to include Parker in it.
Fans and readers were quick to catch up on the missing chapter if her life. Even after she had to spend quite some time with Parker.

Mariah Reveals The Reason For Not Including James Packer In Memoir

The singer, revealed in Guardian, that she did not include James chapter in the memoir as she did not feel it mattered to her. She felt if it really mattered to her, it would have been mentioned in the book.

Carey, memoir titled 'The Meaning of Mariah Carey',

Guess the relationship was not worth mentioning, for Mariah. This was the reason that the readers didn’t get a chapter with James’s name in the book.

Mariah Carey, major revelation about her life
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Besides, the singer tried her best to be honest while talking on the interview with Guardian, about James and her relationship. As a result, she made some major revelations regarding her chemistry with her former partner.

Mariah Carey “No Physical” Relationship with James

Mariah Carey &Β James Packer split

One of the shocking revelations was that the former couple didn’t share any kind of physical relation. Carey stated that she had no physical relations with James during the time they were together.

Mariah Carey &Β James Packer Relationship

The big revelation about no physical relation also gave a hint on why the relationship didn’t matter to Carey much. Thus, this might be the reason that James didn’t make it into the book.

Mariah Carey &Β James Packer Relationship Timeline

The couple first met in 2014, in Aspen during the premiere of Hercules. Their love life was quite private and didn’t come into open until 2015. The two had been spotted holding hands.

Mariah Carey andΒ James Packer "No Physical" Relationship

Besides, in 2015, the couple revealed their relationship publicly. This lead to the media and fans having only a few sources and information regarding the couple. James proposed to Mariah in 2016, eventually, the couple was married for quite some time.

Mariah Carey &Β James Packer Engagement

Besides, the former couple called it quits soon enough and their relationship came to an end during the Halloween season in 2016. Carey, at the time, declared that things did not work out between them due to some problems that James had.

Besides, later James too published a statement mentioning that the split was due to them simply not being right for each other.

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