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Mariah Carey Reveals Her Son Was Bullied By A White Supremacist!

Mariah Carey
Source: Time Magazine

Mariah Carey Reveals Racist Bullying Incident Of Her Son

Mariah Carey is busy at the moment with the promotion of her book The Meaning Of Mariah Carey. She discusses many life incidents which she feels is important and significant to her. As a part of the promotion, she came on Β Watch What Happens Live and talked with host Andy Cohen. She revealed during the talk that a white supremacist recently bullied her son. She said:

β€œRocky just got bullied the other day by a white supremacist person that he thought was his friend. It’s like, insane. This is the world we live in.”

Mariah Carey
Source: Time Magazine

Mariah Carey Remembers The Racism From Her Childhood

Mariah was very well aware of race and discrimination towards specific colour and caste. It is because she has had enough encounters in her childhood to understand it. She said:

β€œIt’s been a struggle for me since I was aware that there was such a thing as race. And the only reason I was aware so early on was that it became a subject of humiliation for me as a child.”

Mariah Carey Is Trying To Teach Her Kids The Concept Of Racism

Mariah Carey revealed that she is already trying to give a sense of what racism is to her kids. It would help them in understanding its flaws and realising what is wrong in it. She said:

β€œI’m reading chapters to them that are helping to illustrate my encounters with racism, and how they can then have a greater understanding, and ultimately a greater reservoir with which to deal with the situation itself.”

Mariah Carey
Source: USA Today

Mariah Carey Reveals Secrets In Her Book That She Hasn’t Told Her Friends

The autobiography from Mariah seems to be one of its kind. She promises to spill secrets of her past that she has kept away from her closest friends. She said:

β€œThere’s a lot of stuff that I’m dealing with within the book that I have never dealt with, even in conversation with some of my closest, closest friends.”

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