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Mark Zuckerberg Has Decided Against Deleting Post By President Trump About The Minneapolis !

Mark Zuckerberg
Source: CNBC

Reason Behind Trump’s Post

Trump Post: The world was left with a shock when a video went viral in which a police officer named Derek Chauvin was seen choking a black man named George Floyd to death. The cop attacked George as he found something suspicious about him. Even as the world was struggling to fight the virus, the act of officer somehow felt even worse, for it showed the racist mind of the officer. The incident happened in the city of Minneapolis. The people there have come out into the streets to protest against the death of George. A case has been filed against Cop Derek on the grounds of murder.

What Did Trump Post?

Trump tweeted that the military has entered the city to bring order after the authorities had failed to do so. Along with that, he posted, “Any difficulty and we will assume control but, when the looting starts, the shooting starts,” He referred to the protesters as thugs, and this did not go down well with the people. Most of the people thought that the post promoted violence and criticized Trump for the same.

Facebook’s Decision On Trump’s Post

The post came on Facebook and Twitter. Twitter decided to flag the tweet and further clarified that the tweet violated Twitter’s policy of glorifying violence. It decided not to take the post down so that it remains accessible to the people. Twitter had earlier gone against Trump’s previous tweets and given it a fact check tag. Facebook, on the other hand, decided to keep the post as it is. Many people were confused and angry at Facebook for this decision, and its CEO Mark Zuckerberg issued a statement through Facebook clarifying their stance.

Donal Trump
Source: The New York Times

Mark Zuckerberg’s Explanation On Keeping Trump’s Tweet

The Facebook CEO did not mince words in showing his disapproval for Trump’s post. He said, “I’ve been struggling with how to respond to the President’s tweets and posts all day. Personally, I have a visceral negative reaction to this kind of divisive and inflammatory rhetoric,” He further explained that the post did not violate the policy of Facebook and “it is better to have this discussion out in the open, especially when the stakes are so high.”


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