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Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition Latest Updates!


The latest episode of reality show Marriage Boot Camp has some high voltage drama coming in for its viewers.

β€˜The Hip Hop Edition’ of the show features several couples living in the same house for a couple of days.

The latest episode of the show includes a fight and a hospital trip!

So who gets into the fight and who ends up at the hospital? Read on to know all about the latest episode- we have all the details!

Kurupt went to the hospital

Marriage Boot Camp

47-year-old rapper Kurupt had to go to the hospital after he showed symptoms of alcohol poisoning.

Kurupt had been drinking for three days already, and on top of that, he swallowed Kombucha.

When the host of the show, Dr Ish Major took his vitals, it turned out Kurupt was dehydrated and his blood pressure was unstable.

He had weakness and stomach pain with nausea which suggests he might have had alcohol poisoning.

Toni Calvert, Kurupt’s girlfriend, is well aware of his drinking habit. She noted that he always went back to his old habits after a few days of recovery.

She said, β€œI’m always scared. I look at him constantly when he’s sleeping to see if he’s even breathing.”

Fight between Willie and De’Von

Willie and De’Von got into an intense fight. The clips of the were soon circulating on the social media of De’Von and his girlfriend Hazel.

Talking to MEAWW, Willie told his side of the story, describing the root of the fight.

β€œWell, it was really simple. De’Von was talking to my wife, and I felt like as a man, you’re not supposed to talk to my wife while I’m in the room. So I let him know that he can’t talk to my wife, but he can talk to me. And he kept getting out of his body. I walked in his face, walked out his face, and walked back in his face. And then he pushed me.”

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