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Marriage With Kanye Is A Burden On Kim Kardashian!

Kim and Kanye during Met Gala
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Marriage With Kanye Is A Burden On Kim Kardashian!:Β A few days back, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West became the most discussed couple in the industry. After Kanye’s iconic ‘I am trying to divorce Kim’ tweet resurfaced, the couple is having a hard time coping up.

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Provided that, Kim and Kanye’s relationship has been through ups-and-downs, Kanye’s recent behaviour doesn’t surprise Kim, but she’s worried for her family. To that end, Kim opened up about how Kanye’s recent behaviour is a burden on their family.

The Source

Recently, a source opened up about Kim and Kanye’s relationship to UsWeekly. It said:

“Kim flew to Wyoming to plea with Kanye to get help and try and figure out some sort of resolution for the two of them and their family.”

Kim and Kanye during Met Gala
via CNBC.com

They mentioned that Kim is tired of Kanye’s behaviour. They said:

“Kim has always tried to be there to support and help Kanye in any way she can, but the way he’s been acting and behaving in recent months has taken a toll on her and become a huge burden.”

The source added that the situation between Kim and Kanye is extremely tense as of now.

“Kim and Kanye have talked about the possibility of ending their marriage.”

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The Quick Trip

Over a few weeks, Kanye was prepping up for his presidential rally which was chaos when Kanye didn’t get enough allies. Coupled with his presidential failure, he tweeted that he’s been trying to divorce Kim for two years.

Kim & Kanye
via Dorset Echo

Even though Kanye deleted this tweet, it instigated the ‘cold war’ between the duo. That said, Kim flew to Wyoming to try and find a resolution for her family, but returned to LA a day later.

Kim reportedly told Kanye to not to return home until he’s ready, stressing on the fact that Kanye might be going through another episode of his bipolar disease.

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Returning To Work!

Given their almost broken marriage, Kim and Kanye, both have returned to work. Kim is back in Los Angeles and was spotted entering her SKIMS company after getting down at Van Nuys airport after a quick trip.

Meanwhile, Kanye is still in Wyoming studio compound finishing up his latest album DONDA.

The source added:

“She would never stop Kanye from seeing his children, but both parents want their kids to be unaffected by what’s going on. Of course, she’d love Kanye to return home. And everything to go back to how it was before, but realistically that’s not going to happen.”

Lastly, the source said that there’s no way back now.

“Kanye tweeted he wants to divorce her, and she’s seen a divorce lawyer. There’s no way back for them now.”




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