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Marty Ginsburg’s Love & Support Turned Ruth Bader Ginsburg Into An Inspiring Woman: Check Out Their Love Story Here!

Marty Ginsburg’s Love & Support Turned Ruth Bader Ginsburg Into An Inspiring Woman: Check Out Their Love Story Here!:Β  Ruth Bader Ginsberg recently died on Friday, September 18 due to pancreatic cancer. She is the second woman judge to be appointed in the supreme court in the United States. Life seems to give us a lot more things than we expected sometimes. The love story of Ruth Bader and Marty Ginsburg reveals it. Let’s have a look at it.


Ruth Bader Ginsburg's husband
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Their First Meeting

Marty Ginsburg and Ruth Bader met each other while they were both studying at Cornell. Marty was then 18, and Ruth was 17. It was a blind date for both. Marty Ruth Bader mentioned that Marty was the only person who was interested in her brain. Marty Ginsburg has also said that his wife was a “top brain,” and he was a “top golfer.” Nowadays, it is very tough to get a man who loves our inner personality more than the appearance.

They happily married each other for 56 years until Marty Ginsburg died in 2010. They had two children, Jane Carol Ginsburg and James Steven Ginsburg, andΒ four grandchildren.

Ruth Bader Considers Herself The Luckiest

In 2016 She wrote an opinion piece on life advice to NewYork Times. She wrote:

“I have had more than a little bit of luck in life, but nothing equals in magnitude my marriage to Martin D. Ginsburg. I do not have words adequate to describe my supersmart, exuberant, ever-loving spouse.”


She further explains his support as a husband. It can be his cooking, his license as a parent, first reader for whatever she wrote were few things for which she considers herself luckiest to get him in her life.

Ruth Bader Was A Terrible Cook

They lived in Fort Sill, Oklahoma, for two years, before joining Harvard Law School. Maty Ginsburg describes that time as a “stroke of good fortune” because, at that time, they get to know about each other so well. Marty said:

“We had nearly two whole years far from school, far from career pressures and far from relatives, to learn about each other and begin to build a life.”

Further learned that his wife was a terrible cook and he should learn cooking to make things smoother for them in the future. Not only that he has also helped his wife to build her professional career. So sweet isn’t it?

We have always heard that there is still a woman behind every man’s success. But it is opposite in their story.

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