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Marvel Avengers Endgame : Easter Eggs Of Iron Man That Will Leave You Awestruck!

Iron man
The image from Avengers Endgame portraying Robert Downey Jr., as Iron man.

As Avengers endgame is a colossal movie, it was apparent to find Easter egg in it. When the Avengers travel by using the time machine, they put their hands in a circle which seemed like the arc reactor. It looks as if they are giving homage to the Iron man. It created speculation about it entirely. Even the Marvel Studios also admitted about this Easter Eggs of Iron man.

Easter Eggs Of Ironman: The Clicking Sound

It didn’t give any post-credit scenes. Instead, it gave some clicking and pounding sounds. These sounds where also provided in the first IRON MAN when Tony stark was making his first Iron man armour suit.

Iron man
Easter eggs of Iron man links with the Avengers Endgame.

Avengers: Endgame climaxed with Tony Stark wielding his own Infinity Gauntlet and sacrificing his life to save the universe while killing Thanos at the same time. His powerful nanotech suit and arc reactor were no match for the Infinity Stones. While on the other hand, previously it was seen that Hulk’s snap nearly killed him.

Now, a discovery is made that in 2008’sΒ Iron ManΒ foresaw the possibility of something major happening to the arc reactor, which later on happened inΒ Endgame.

The Appearance Of The Jarvis

The original Jarvis made an appearance when Tony and Cap travelled to the 1970s to secure the Space Stone. Jarvis shows up to drive Tony’s father, Howard Stark, out of the base.

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Avengers Endgame
A man portraying the appearance of Jarvis in Avengers Endgame.

Tony’s Famous Dialogue “I LOVE YOU 3000”

Iron Man’s other Easter egg is his famous line, “I love you 3000.” .Although the line is a cute moment between Tony and his daughter, it has more considerable significance beyond the scene. A fan went back and added up all the run-times of the Marvel films leading up toΒ Avengers:Β Endgame, and the result is close to 3000 minutes.

The Marvel Studios intentionally added some of these Easter eggs.

They said that it is necessary to connect with the fans. Easter eggs are essential to hold the fan base. The Marvel writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely must have taken much pain to include these Easter eggs in the movie.

Avengers Marvel Studios provided all these Easter Eggs are sure to marvel the fans.

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