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Maya Erskine Flaunts Her Baby Bump, Confirms Pregnancy With Michael Angarano.

If this doesn’t make you smile then what will? Maya Erskine and Michael AngaranoΒ have announced that there are expecting their first baby. The two made their love life official in 2019 and recently confirmed that they are engaged and are expecting their first child. They took to their social media handles to share this happy news with the world. And let me tell you that fans are absolutely in love with these two. Check out everything you need to know about it.

The Announcement

Maya Erskine and Michael Angarano’sΒ posted pictures on their Instagram handle. In the picture, Maya has flaunted her baby bump. And the two have confirmed that Maya is pregnant and they are expecting a baby soon. The pictures have received tons of love and appreciation. With can’t and fellow celebrities congratulating them on their pregnancy. However, what is even more impressive that the couple had used this also to encourage people to vote.


Micheal Anthony is a very famous American actor. He is known for his amazing performances in β€˜Music of the heart’ β€˜cover me’ and many more. His performances have even got Emmy’s nominations. However, on the other hand Maya is an iconic American actress and writer. She is famously known for her character Maggie in β€˜Man Seeking Women’. Both Micheal and Maya were nominated in the 2019 Emmy’s where they first caught the attention of people together. Fans have a lot of assumption about them since the start. However, it became, even more, when they spotted them together several times.

Maya AndΒ Micheal’s First Date

Maya and Micheal shared their selfie from the Emmy’s and got a lot of attention. They were even rumoured to be dating for several months after which they made it official in September 2019. And recently the two got engaged. Soon after the two got engaged they shared the lovely news of their pregnancy on Instagram.

Picture via Instagram.

Yesterday both Maya and Micheal uploaded a picture of them together on their Instagram handle. In the picture, Maya is flaunting her baby bump. And on the other hand, we can see Micheal giving her cute reaction to it. The couple looks happy in the picture while sharing the news. In the picture, Maya has worn a plain black t-shirt and leopard print pant. She has kept her hair open. And showed her natural beauty with no makeup on. Whereas Micheal has worn a white t-shirt and black pant. The two look cute together.


Maya has captioned the picture saying we are finally 3 now from two, with some emojis. Whereas it didn’t stop here, she then encouraged people to vote for Harris and Biden. What a beauty with brain right? Talking about Micheals post he has captioned the picture saying that they are finally engaged and are expecting their baby.


Soon after the pictures were uploaded it broke the internet. The picture went viral with lakhs of people liking the post in less than 24 hours and thousands of people congratulating the two on their pregnancy. Fans seem to love the couple and their idea of making this lovely news official. What do you think about it?

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