Mayfield Raised $750M Covering Two Funds!

Mayfield raised funds


First and foremost as the topic says Mayfield raised aroundΒ  $750 million covering two funds. In addition to this, this venture will keep investing in such early staged companies. Mayfield XVI gave this information.Β 

Secondly, Select II decided to invest in after slots of the various breakout of portfolio companies. Apart from this, there is a difference here. The select fund can now be invested afterwards in the portfolio of growth-stage companies.Β 

Mayfield Raised Funds: About The Blog Post

Firstly, Navin Chaddha is the managing partner of Mayfield. He announced various new funds in his blog post. However, even after the market crash, it seems complicated.Β 

Mayfield raised funds
Navin Chaddha- The managing partner of Mayfield.

Secondly, Mayfield is still stuck to its principles. Chaddha is always justifying the same. They are planning for a steady four-year cycle increase in the funds and not a drastic increase in the investment.Β 

Thirdly, all its competitors are already investing heavily in these markets. Kleiner Perkins eventually did $600M worth of investment in one single year. However, after a year, he again started rasing investments to increase the funds.Β 

The Results

Firstly, they are still staying stuck to the idea of early-stage investment. They took this decision even in an abnormal condition of the market. Researchers have gone deeper and deeper into the domains. Chaddha raised money and funds during a measured rate and every four years. Apart from this, they have a team of investors called as company builders.Β 

Secondly, Chaddha wrote all information in his blog post. Mayfield has completed partnerships with companies such as Lyft, Marketo, ServiceMax, and SolarCity. However, these deals got finalized after the unfortunate financial crisis of 2008.Β Β 

Mayfield Raised funds
The image is exposing the success of Mayfield since the day of origin.

Thirdly, Chaddha believes in the craftmanship model, which eventually gave him success over funds. Brilliant entrepreneurs worked very closely with him. However, they were just a handful of them.Β 

Fourth, Chaddha had difficulties staying focused, as many companies were raising huge funds though the financial industry heavily praised them.Β 

Last but not least, as soon as we have more updates, we will share the same. Till then, stay tuned.Β 

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