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Medical Negligence Has Caused the Death of a 12 Year Old; Parents Charged of Her Murder

An autopsy was performed on her body by GBI

It is always the responsibility of the parents to take care of their Child. Neglecting those can be dangerous for the Child. Kaitlyn, aged 12, died due to medical negligence because of her own parents.

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Medical Negligence

The child was not responding.

Kaitlyn was taken to a hospital and was declared dead on the afternoon of 26th August. Her mother Mary KatherineΒ Horton,37 made an emergency call to 911, a few hours ago stating that the Child was not responding a day after her death, Mary Horton was charged with second-degree cruelty to children and second-degree murder. Her father John was also arrested on Tuesday, charged for the same.

Reason for her death

An autopsy was performed on her body by GBI, and further investigations revealed that she went through excessive body pain. The authorities claim it as one of the worst cases they have seen. Mary Chandler, GBI special agent, says, the Child’s family had been investigated several times for alleged child neglect. She did not reveal much about her injuries, but it may be related to the pandemic and closure of schools.

Statement of her grandma

Her maternal grandmother Anna Horton has been raising her two other grandsons. If the system would have rescued her, would have raised her too, she says. The fact that she has not been to school since February and would have faced a lot of tortures and abuse at home could be the reason for death.

Teachers praise her

” She was a very sweet, sweet girl,” says her school teacherΒ  Lelin Holt, remembering her sweetness. She would be starting her seventh grade in this autumn. It is sympathy that such an amazing child has lost her life pretty soon.

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