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Megan Fox Hits Out At Brian Austin For Showing Her As A Bad Mother!

Megan Fox Brian Austin
Source: People

Megan Fox Isn’t Please With Latest Instagram Post Of Brian Austin.

Megan Fox and Brian Austin were married for ten years before they decided to split up. In a recent Instagram post, Brian put a picture with his son Journey on the occasion of Halloween. However, Megan Fox wasn’t happy about it. She lashed out at Brian on his comments section asking why he put a picture with their son. She said, “Why does Journey have to be in this picture? It’s not hard to crop them out. Or choose photos that they aren’t in.”

Megan Fox Brian Austin
Source: People

Megan Fox Lashes Out At Brian Austin For Posing With Son

Megan Fox also spent Halloween with her kids. She pointed out that she did not post any pictures with them and advised Brian to do the same. She said, “I had a great Halloween with them yesterday, and yet notice how absent they are from my social media. I know you love your kids. But I don’t know why you can’t stop using them to posture [sic] via Instagram.”

Megan Fox Feels Brian Austin Wants To Show Her As A Poor Mother

Megan feels that Brian is trying to convey that she doesn’t bother to spend time with her kids even though that is not the case. She said, “You’re so intoxicated with feeding the pervasive narrative that I’m an absent mother, and you are the perennial, eternally dedicated dad of the year. You have them half of the time,” she said. Congratulations you genuinely are a remarkable human!”

Megan Fox Brian Austin
Source: Mirror

Brian Changes His Picture After Backlash From Megan

Megan finally said, “Why do you need the internet to echo back to you what should be inexhaustibly evident in the way your children love you?” Brian decided not to take the ugly route and cave in for a public fight. Instead, he chose not to do so and change the picture. Brian posted a new image by merely cropping out Journey this time.

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