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Messiah Season 2: Storyline, Release Date, Cast, Get to know the details!

A Netflix Original

Messiah is a thriller drama series by Michael Petroni. It is a Netflix OriginalΒ Series and isn’t quite old at all. I’m fact; it came out just on New year’s this year, that is, January 2020. Now, the Messiah Season 2 is expected soon.

The trailer was out by the end of December last year. That is when it started facing controversial comments and views from the masses. Some significant body also wanted this show to be stopped midway and requested Netflix to do so.

Mostly the Muslim audience was not pleased with this at all. Yet it managed to make it to the screens. Even after the release, it did not manage to receive a lot of positive reviews, with only 43% ratings in favour.

Here, Mehdi plays the role of a street preacher. The series opens with an episode of him putting efforts into calming the emotions of his followers and then leading them to the desert. Since the mention of the capture of the city by ISIS is mentioned, my guesses are this proved to be offensive. It is only probable because such sensitive topics rarely receive positive upvotes.

Messiah Season 2
A plot from the previous season starring the role of Messiah.

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Messiah Season 2: Cast Members

The cast members were stunning in the show, especially Tomer and Michelle. However, let’s have a glance over them once again:

  • Mehdi Dehbi – Al-Masih ad-Dajjal / Anti Christ / The Deceiver
  • Tomer SisleyΒ – Aviram Dahan
  • Michelle MonaghanΒ – CIA Eva Geller
  • John OrtizΒ – Felix Aguero
  • Melinda Page HamiltonΒ – Anna Aguero
  • Stefania LaVie OwenΒ – Rebecca Aguero
  • Jane AdamsΒ – Miriam Keneally
  • Sayyid El Alami – Jibril Medina
  • Fares Landoulsi as Samir
  • Wil Traval as Will Mathers
messiah season 2
A reception with the casts of Messiah.

Release Date

The directors and producers previously thought of making a second season. Since the first one with ten episodes just came three months ago, they initially did not have a lot of material to work on. But, the more bad news was on the way.

From the controversial views and backlash, they can consider that the second season will not attract as much attention and only add to the wound. Therefore they decided and gave hints. On March we came to know that the second season might not be happening. However, if you loved the show and want it to happen, I can only ask you to hope. Petitions can also be made for this purpose! Keep social distancing and watching a fantastic series!

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