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MeToo Activist Katherine Kendall Feels The MeToo Movement Was Wrongly Used Against Johnny Depp !

Source: Geo TV

My Words Misused Against Johnny, Says Katherine Kendall

Actor and MeToo movement activist Katherine has now come out with some new facts. Moreover, Kendall was herself a victim of sexual abuse by the now defamed Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein. However, Kendall says that her words were misused by The Sun to use it against Johnny Depp. She said, β€œAlthough it was true that I was a victim of Harvey Weinstein, the rest was a lie. I was not β€˜going public’ on behalf of #MeToo or myself, to criticize JK Rowling’s decision to cast Mr. Depp, nor did I accuse Mr. Depp of hurting Amber Heard, about which I have no first-hand knowledge.”

Johnny Depp
Source: BBC

Katherine Believes MeToo Was Used Against Johnny Depp

Katherine Kendall also said that the news tabloid had taken the wrong advantage of the MeToo movement to defame the name of Johnny. Moreover, even Kendall had heard it several times from others that it was Amber who was abusive in their relationship. Kendall said, β€œI never meant to be in an article that called Johnny Depp a β€˜wife-beater’. I told you that I didn’t know that to be true at all!”

Johnny Depp’s Butler Speaks Against Amber Heard

Out of the many people who accused Amber of being violent, Johnny’s butler was one of them. He highlighted that Amber had a drinking problem. She got drunk at night and hurled abuses and physical blows on Johnny. Johnny, on the other hand, refrained from any type of violence.

Source: Geo TV

Things Turning In Favour Of Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp’s case against The Sun has taken many interesting turns in the past few days. Interestingly, many people have come out to testify in support of him and The Sun now looks in big trouble. Johnny’s ex-wives Winona Ryder and Vanessa Paradis also testified that Johnny was always loving and respectable to them and their ex-husband being violent is the last thing they could ever think of him. Amber’s ex-assistant Kate James has also supported the drinking problems of Amber as she received drunk texts from her full of abuses. Moreover, things are going right for Johnny at the moment as their relationship looks like a black spot in the MeToo movement.

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