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Miami Vice Vet Don Johnson Is Having A Gala Time With Wife Over A Decade

Don Johnson

Don Johnson Shared Post With Wife

Miami Vice Vet Don Johnson Is Having A Gala Time With Wife Over A Decade: A proud father and a doted husband, Don Johnson is living the life fullest. The famous father of popular Dakota Johnson recently shared a lovely picture with his very lovely wife Kelley Phleger. The adorable couple is married for 20 years now and is inspiration for many.

Don who had a massive crush on the wife Kelley Phleger married not only once but twice. Such an adorable couple they are! With the growing age, the couple came out strong in their relationship and having a tremendous marriage goal with their 3 children.

They Both Make An Adorable Pair

In the recent post shared by Don Johnson, Kelley was sitting in his lap in an oversized ivory sofa. Both were looking adorable and all smiling. Kelley was wearing a t-shirt under a sleeveless purple tee with printed pajama. Whereas Don looked handsome as always in a black t-shirt, his eyewear tucked in it with shorts. They both were enjoying the NBA finals which saw the Los Angeles Lakers win.

Don and Kelley last have seen together in Knives Out red carpet which was a grand success by Don. They had a great togetherness since 1999 and there were many ups and downs in their relationship. But they remained strong together and gave birth to three children Grace, Jasper, and Deacon.

Kelley’s Importance In Don’s Life

The popular TV and Hollywood actor once shared how Kelley’s presence in his life changed him as a person. The hardcore party boom habitat a rackless experience and started doing drugs. It was the height of his career, and he wanted to try out everything to enjoy life and that turns negative to him unless he met Kelley Phleger.

He stated that he used to party hard, it was Kelley who brought back him into the track and since then he is grateful to her. Don Johnson is now 70 and Kelley Phleger is 50, they made a great pair together still now and are back to each other.

Don Johnson

Don Johnson is a core believer of Buddhism, and somewhat, the discipline of Buddha helped him to get out of the influence of drugs. He is very much into Buddhism; the field allows him to learn self-help. Also helped him to get out of his fear.

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