Michael B Jordan Is People’s Sexiest Men Alive 2020? What About BTS Jungkook, Chris Evans And Others?

The Peoples Sexiest Magazine is out. Can you guess who is the sexiest man of the year? It’s Black Panther star Micheal B Jordan. It’s a little unfair for many sexy men’s this year. However, the cover isn’t all. There’s a whole lot list of the sexiest men of 2020. And some of them are even your favourite stars. Check out everything you need to know about it now.

Sexiest Men 2020

The magazine overall consists of men’s from a variety of field from acting to sports to a lot more things. And men’s from all around the world are represented in the list and that is the best think about it. However, there are many more things to the people’s list. The magazine is released every year and men’s from various field and countries are represented in it. However, on the cover page, there’s just one man who is the sexiest men of 2020. This year it is the hot and sexy Micheal B Jordan. And of course, he does justice to it.


In this year’s list, there’s Oscar winner Brad Pitt, the hot marvel actor Chris Evans as well as the former sexiest men Dwayne Johnson. Newly Emmys winner actor Dan LevyΒ is also a part of the list. However, that is not all. How can the list be complete without a BTS member? After all, they are one of the most loved celebrities.

Jungkook Wins

BTS member Jungkook in the people’s choice section of the magazine is claimed to be the Sexiest men alive in 2020. The choice poll was won by Jungkook getting the most amount of votes at the sexiest men alive. And the whole BTS fandom is going crazy about it since then. Fans have started flooding Jungkook’s social media through tons of responses. Showing their love and appreciation to him.

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Dan Levy (Canada) Keith Urban (Australia), Matthew Rhys (Wales) and Paul Mescal (Ireland)Β and many more were a part of the list as well. Many new comments who recently got fame were a part of the list too. That would include Lucas Bravo from β€˜Emily in Paris’. The magazine and the list were released on the international men’s day.


However, keeping all of it aside don’t forget that Michel B Jordan is still the winner and on number one sexiest men of 2020. Jordan soon after even claims that the women of her family are proud of him at this one.


Micheal responds on his social media saying that he never thought for even a second that he could get it. His friends always joke about it that he his never gonna get it. However, he mentioned that it is still a great club to be in. And now that he has won he is grateful about is.


Earlier this year Micheal was among the 100 most influential people of the year. And hence the things that it is all a great achievement to him. And he appreciated everyone who supported him in the journey.


Stay tuned for more such details about your favourite stars. What do you think about Micheal becoming the sexiest men alive in 2020?


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