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Michael Jackson Son Reveals His Real Name! Revealed Information Here

Michael Jackson: On Friday, Michael Jackson’s 22-year old son Prince appeared on This Morning where he talked about carrying on his late dad’s legacy.

Though Michael Jackson died in 2209, Prince says his dad still has a huge impact on his life. He appreciates his dad’s work more and more as he grows up and wants to continue his charity work.

Prince also reveals his real name is also Michael.

michael jackson son

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He was asked a number of questions which also included if he had to defend his father amid the claims of sexual abuse against him. Dodging that question, Prince instead talked about Jackson’s good works.

After he disclosed his named the reporters introduced him as “Prince Michael Joseph Jackson Junior”. Prince says how lucky and blessed he feels to share the same name as his father, who was a legend. He says that sharing such a powerful name, makes him entitled to work very hard to build and maintain his legacy.

Prince also said the older he gets, the more he gets to unpackage his wisdom.

“When I see them through more mature perspective, I am extremely grateful to have had the experiences with him that I had”, Prince said.

Prince said how every year he is more appreciative of everything, and he misses him even greater because he is his father. He confessed to having no musical talent. Though recently, he directed his sister Paris’ music video.

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