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Michael Jordan Brutally Fires John Focke For Accidently Typing A Racial Slur!

Michael Jordan
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Michael Jordan Brutally Fires John Focke For Accidently Typing A Racial Slur!

Michael Jordan Brutally Fires John Focke For Accidently Typing A Racial Slur!: Michael Jordan Hornets fired John Focke, the announcer on the 1st season of radio play-by-player. The latter accidentally tweeted the N-word instead of typing Nuggets.

Hornets fire radio play-by-play announcer John Focke for using the n-word in a 'mistyped' tweet | Daily Mail Online
John Focke; Source: Daily Mail

It is a known fact that 70% of the NBA members are black. That number is higher than any major sports played in the USA. Millions hear the NBA’s voice of their black fans. How can its owner tolerate a racial slur? Wasn’t it an obvious fact that no famous person is not silly enough to do a thing like this in public? Especially when there is an ongoing protest in the wake of Jacob Blake’s shooting.

Why Would Focke Type A Racial Slur Out Of Nowhere In A Game?

Michael Jordan's cruel N-word firing isn't his only blunder
Michael Jordan; Source: New York Post

Let us ponder upon the decision made by Michael Jordan. Now, why in the world would Focke type a racial slur out of nowhere? He doesn’t want to finish his career and honour. So, why would Jordan and his companions think that it was a correct thing to do? It was a stupid and brutal decision which could have an impact on someone’s career.

Is losing money to Jordan make ambling more interesting or funny? Another question to ask is that if gambling on sports is humorous as well as educational?Β According to Long, “A way to entertain, educate and enhance the sports experience for fans.”

Vulnerable people Are Targeted.

Last week, Jordan continuously reminded everyone that he has a gambling fondness. He also became an adviser by signing a contract with DraftKings. Sport finances target vulnerable people to overcome their greed and authority. For instance, if you don’t make bets on games or if you don’t respond to betting notifications lingering on your phone, you aren’t seen as a potential target.

Michael Jordan is now the current owner of NBA team as well as gambling adviser which lures fans to bet on games. But the world is drive by rationalization rather than a tradition. Was Michael Jordan decision to fire John Focke was correct?

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