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Michael Strahan Shared A Series Of Pictures With His Late Father Gene

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"Good Morning America" Host Michael Strahan Shared A Series Of Pictures With His Late Father Gene
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Strahan Reflected On His Father’s Death

Michael Strahan Shared A Series Of Pictures With His Late Father Gene: Michael Strahan, the Good Morning America host, reflected on the death of his father, Gene. He misses Gene. So, Strahan took to Instagram and shared some pictures of him with his father.

Its been one week since his father passed away. Michael also revealed some precious life lessons that he learned from his father. He had plans to carry on the respect he has for Gene.

In a heartfelt post, Michael Strahan stated that the success he had tasted in his career is because of the unshaken support from his father. He further added that expressing love to your beloved ones is essential. Strahan posted five pictures of them in a slideshow. The images remind him of the beautiful moments he had shared with his dad.

Michael Shared A Series Of Pictures

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It’s been a little over a week since I lost my hero and it’s still hard to believe my dad is no longer with us physically but I know his spirit lives on thru me and the rest of the family. The biggest goal in everything I’ve ever done was to make him proud. Knowing that I did that gives me peace but also pushes me to continue because I know he’s watching from above. Nobody is perfect but he was perfect for me and I’m so grateful that he was my dad. Without him I’m not sure where I’d be but I know I wouldn’t have anything close to the life I have now. Love you Dad and I’m honored to be your son!! Take time to hug your parents, spouse and kids. Let them know how you feel and don’t take it for granted that they automatically know that you love them.

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In the first picture, Michael is standing right beside his father. Gene wore a suit and tied while his son was in a blue button-down shirt. Both are smiling in the pictures as Strahan wraps his right hand around his father’s shoulders

The second picture depicted Gene during his tenure in the US. There he was promoted to major and served 82nd Airborne Divisio.

The third image shows the football professional along with his mother, father and children. He has four children, including three daughters and one son. Michael is with a selfie stick in hand, which he used to click the shot. All are looking adorable, and it seems like they were having a great time.

In the fourth photo, of Pro Football Hall of Fame, Michael stands with Gene and Louise.

The proud father is wearing his son’s New York Giant’s official sports jersey.

The last picture shows Michael with his parents and three children. Jordan is sitting in the centre while his hand laid around his father’s seat.

Many celebrities expressed their grief over Gene’s death. Some of them are Martha Raddatz, Robin Roberts, Alex Rodriguez, Brie Bella, Dr Jennifer Ashton, Rebecca Jarvis, etc.

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