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Michelle Obama Gives Account Of Racism During Her Time As First Lady As She Feels White People Think Of Them As Invisible !

Michelle Obama
Source: NY Times

Michelle Obama Feels White People Consider Black People As Invisible

Michelle Obama is having some time opening up about her feelings about various thingsΒ  prevailing in the US. One thing that she has stood against and spoken up throughout her life is the racism against African Americans in the US. In her recent podcast, she revealed her feelings that many white people don’t even acknowledge the presence of black people. In her latest episode of The Michelle Obama Podcast, she said, β€œWhat the white community doesn’t understand about being a person of color in this nation is that there are daily slights, in our workplaces where people talk over you, or people don’t even see you.”

Michelle Obama Narrates An Incident Of Racism When She Was The First Lady

People might think that Michelle might have faced less racism after getting into a position of power. Unfortunately, that is notΒ  the case. She narrated an incident where a white lady cut her in the line without even noticing if she was standing there or not. She said, β€œ’So I’m standing there with two little black girls, another black female adult, they’re in soccer uniforms. And a white woman cuts right in front of us to order. Like, she didn’t even see us.”

The White Woman Didn’t Even Apologize, Says Michelle Obama

When the white woman cut Michelle, she clearly objected to it. However, the lady didn’t feel like she had done anything wrong. Moreover, she didn’t even care to look at Michelle on her face. Michelle personally felt like she was invisible to the lady. In her podcast she said, β€œShe didn’t know it was me. All she saw was a black person, or a group of black people, or maybe she didn’t even see that, because we were that invisible.”

Michelle Obama
Source: Spotify

Michelle Obama Has A Dog Incident On Racism

Michelle Obama gave another instance when she was the First Lady. This time it is related to the times she took her dog for a walk. She said, β€œI can tell you a number of stories like that, when I’ve been completely incognito, during the eight years in the White House, walking the dogs on the canal, people will come up and pet my dogs, but will not look me in the eye.”

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