Microsoft Ready To Unleash Big Feature Update For Windows 10!

Windows 10

About Windows 10

First and foremost, today’s article will also be very interesting. In today’s world, where everyone is using a laptop smartphone or a desktop,Β  Microsoft has a very big update for us. In addition to this, we all are using the latest version of Microsoft Windows 10.Β Β Β 

However, Microsoft is ready to Unleash the next Big feature for the update of Windows 10. Moreover, in today’s article, we will share the updates with regards to this. Also, make sure to check out the entire blog for exact details.Β 

Thirdly, Windows 10 has always provided feature updates regularly over the years. Every update has tried to resolve all the possible bugs. In addition to this, the next update is scheduled to be in May 2020.Β  Most importantly, this will be something new.Β 

Windows 10
Microsoft to release a new update of Windows 10.

Serial Concept Creator

Firstly, Kamer Kaan Avdan Is the serial concept creator for Microsoft Windows. He has released various videos with regards to the updates on Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows 9. Now his attention is to develop Windows 20. Kamer Kaan Avdan has worked very hard and rigorously for about 35 days to get every presentation correct.

Highlights Of Windows 20

Firstly according to various sources across the internet here are some of the highlights for windows 20.Β 

  • Firstly, beautiful attractive icons
  • Secondly, a customizable Taskbar which will allow you to choose from various versions
  • Thirdly, attractive centred icons and the start buttonΒ 
  • Fourth, more user-friendly start menu
  • Fifth, most stylish File Manager with an improvised tab management system
  • Sixth, a highly brand new settings application manager
Windows 10
The newly updated icons of the upcoming Windows 10 update.
  • Seventh, more improvised and perfectly curated redesigned tablet mode.
  • Eighth, probably a newer version of action centre
  • Ninth, improve darker modes and dark versions.
  • Tenth, entirely manufactured search engine UI
  • Eleventh, more dynamic wallpapers than previous Windows applications
  • Twelfth, increased user-friendly environment.

So as you saw above these are some of the expected highlights for Windows 20. Last but not least, do you stay updated on this article to know more details about Windows 20.Β 

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