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Microsoft: Rumors Of Microsoft Buying Silent Hill, Metal Gear And More

Microsoft: We are addressing all the rumours.

Metal Gear Solid And Silent Hill

Konami owns both the popular metal gear solid and silent hill franchises.

Gameplay and storyline are what stand out in these games.

Metal gear solid and silent hill have multiple games in the franchise itself. This is proof of how popular these games are with the public masses.


Rumours (Microsoft)

Rumours have been circulating recently about Microsoft planning on buying the metal gear and silent hill franchises. That Microsoft is in touch with Konami to get the games and that they are in pole position to get these franchises have gained popularity recently.


Tough Competition? (Microsoft)

Kojima Productions, the developer of Silent Hill was also a contender according to some rumours. Sony was also believed to be interested in buying the franchises for its PS5 consoles.

Konami did comment that it had no intention of selling Silent hill during the Sony rumours.

According toΒ, while Sony had previously been interested in buying some Konami franchises, Microsoft might have taken the lead. Some text posted on suggests that Microsoft will be purchasing games like Metal Gear Solid,Β Silent Hill, andΒ Castlevania.

This would be a first as Konami and Sony have worked together as many Metal Gear Solid games were exclusive only to Sony consoles.

We have to remember though that these are just rumours and nothing can be taken as a fact.


History Repeats Itself?Β 

Similar rumours surfaced in 2015 where Microsoft was planning on buying Silent Hill.

The head of Xbox, Phil Spencer who replied to tweet from a fan shut down these rumours.

“Sorry, this isn’t true,” Spencer said in response to a question from a fan. “Not sure where the rumour started but I don’t want to mislead anyone.”

Similar rumours have started now and there is no confirmation if they are true or not.

What we can confirm though is regardless of Microsoft buying these franchises or not, these are amazing games and would indulge you in an amazing world and leave you wanting more and more.

Both games would be a great addition to Microsoft if they choose to buy them.

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