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Microsoft Teams vs. GoTo Meeting: Whom Do You Prefer The Most ?

Microsoft Teams GoTo Meeting
A emerging rivalry of Microsoft Teams and GoTo Meeting.

The atmosphere around the world has worsened and brought a lot of companies to their knees. Some employees have managed to find usefulness in working from home. Working from home has its advantages too. Microsoft Teams and GoTo Meeting are getting popular. Let’s look over the two mediums of group interactions.

Meeting In Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is quite useful, allowing people from all over the world to interact. Some of its features are:

  • Video call and voice call with the team.
  • Scheduling a meeting with coworkers beforehand.
  • Share screen information with the present members.
  • Messaging for one on one conversations.
  • Media and File Sharing among the group.

There is a guarantee that nobody can hack into the information about the team, or access confidential information about the individual group members.

Microsoft Teams
Meetings and video conferencing through Microsoft Teams in an Office.

GoTo Meeting

GoTo Meeting is also a similar web development which is provided to us by GoTo. Some of its fundamental features are given below:

  • Video calling and audio calling with one or more members.
  • Sending relevant media and files
  • Functions without being downloaded (so that it does not occupy ample space )
  • Scheduled meetings.
  • Private chats, calls and meetings.

With the minimum basic features available, GoTo Meeting is an excellent place to hold your business dealings with your colleagues. It has HD calling options too, which makes life more comfortable, of course. It is compatible with a wide range of devices.

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GoTo meeting
The secured video conferencing and meeting experience in GoTo Meetings.

The Comparison Of The Differences

To be honest, if you want to have a professional talk with all your employees with great internal collaboration, you will presumably like Microsoft Teams. We know GoTo for its fantastic voice quality. It has some of its toll-free numbers. You can use to call up in almost 50 countries.

The other significant point out to this- GoTo Meeting can be linked with various external factors like Chrome and Calendar. Microsoft, too, is very compatible with Excel and Word or any other apps. However, is it easier for users to use these externalities with Microsoft rather than GoTo?

Microsoft is very stiff and official in appearance, though not difficult to use. GoTo is too user friendly. It also allows a virtual whiteboard for sharing purposes also.

Though there are some minuscule distinctions, I don’t think it matters much to most users. Our work matters and we are thankful for these incredible services. Try out both and find out which one is more comfortable to use!

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