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Microsoft Update: Chromium Edge Browser-It Is Not Just A Feature!

Microsoft edge
The new Microsoft Edge at chrome theme interface with new features.

A Small Look At History Of Browsers

Back in the ’90s, Netscape took the internet world by storm. What it did has now a very little significance. But it helped to redefine internet browsing or maybe whole internet structure. It launched the first very kind of browser. Wait. What. Really? As I said, it may not have that importance nowadays as we come across many browsers every day. But it wasn’t Google or Microsoft, but it was Netscape due to which we are browsing today, diving in the ocean of the Internet.

But competition shifted and then came Microsoft in existence. As a result, Microsoft’s browser came up crowned and dethroning Netscape. And after that, Google came and is ruling the world till now. People saw Chrome as an efficient and fast browser compared to others. With every update, came new customization and features. Up until now, what Microsft’s Edge offered, had a feeling of a browser of early 2000s. But with its recent update, everything changed.

A list of browsers in-use for a very long time now.

Microsoft: Chromium Browser Solution

With its recent update, we may consider Microsoft Edge as a serious contender for the crowning of browsers. Since when Microsoft has shifted to the much advanced Azure platform, things are changing from that moment. Now it’s offering much more efficient features in everything they are rolling out. Now it seems that Microsoft is taking things seriously as they lose every passing year. As a result, Edge, which lost its identity soon seems to be moving forward, and now it’s more real. It is offering those improved services which lack in other browsers.

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Microsoft Edge
The all-new Microsoft chromium Edge with the advanced features in-built.

Advanced Password Protection

It comes with enhanced tracking prevention. Edge has an integrated private search that automatically jumbles browsing history. It comes with an enhanced password monitor. This feature automatically executes when you use autofill. If your passwords are used somewhere across the web, it will alert you to and redirect you to the site to reset your password.

Different Options For Browsing And UI

When you want to customize its UI, you have three features- Inspirational, Informational and Focused. The inspirational option is just similar to Chrome, where you have the search tab along with the most used links. Informational comes with a live feed of your interests and some new information. The last one is for those who are severe surfers and don’t want any distractions up front.

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Microsoft Edge: Other Important Features

If you’re copy-pasting from browser to somewhere else, the format is preserved aka SmartCopy. This is handy as sometimes we face many issues while formatting texts. Another feature is that it also has the option of vertical tabs, resulting in a much efficient way of managing and switching costs.

The Immersive Reader is a new feature that focuses the user on the text and keeps them far from distractions. It’s an excellent feature for those who are serious readers. There are a lot of other features also. Users may now be sure that it is going to further improve with every update. These are the features that make it a serious title contender.


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