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Microsoft Update :Microsoft’s Office App for all Android Phones


Microsoft united the three standalone apps into a single Microsoft Office App

Microsoft's Office App

The Microsoft Office app combines the Word, Excel, and PowerPoint apps on the Android smartphones available in google play store

Microsoft combines Word, Excel and PowerPoint in one single office app

This strategy helps in reducing the space occupied by the previous standalone apps


Microsoft released the all in one office mobile app in public preview in November 2019, and now it is available for all Android users

It is still in beta testing via TestFlight to be available imageproud for iPhone users

It is availableΒ only for android usersΒ at the moment, and there is no support for tablets or Chromebooks

It requires the device to have at leastΒ 1GB memory



Microsoft Office for Android includes OneDrive connectivity and support for signing and scanning PDF files

In addition to word, excel and PowerPoint, there also integrations with office lens and sticky notes

Features designed to help create content from the phone –ability to transform a picture of a table into an excel spreadsheet

Microsoft Office for Android includes OneDrive connectivity and support for signing and scanning PDF files

  • From the Microsoft Office app, OneDrive files can be browsed, create and edit any Word document, Excel spreadsheet or PowerPoint Presentation
  • PDF section is for converting a word document into a PDF
  • The data can be shared to a nearby phone
  • Data can be stored locally or through a cloud-based service such as OneDrive, Google Drive,iCloud, Dropbox and Box


At the bottom of the screen, a plus icon reveals three additional options – note, lens and documents

The note creates a post-it style note which can be used for writing immediate thoughts and ideas or can be used as reminders

But this feature doesn’t support Microsoft’s One Note Service

The lens is a document and Whiteboard –scanning tool

Microsoft is also planning for some more features in the next few months like dictation forward, card view for excel and outline option for PowerPoint

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