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Mike Tyson: Fans Are Disappointed As Mike Tyson Pushed His COMEBACK Fight To November !

Mike Tyson
Source: India Today

Mike Tyson’s Fight Pushed To November

All the boxing enthusiasts know one thing for sure. You can like or hate Mike Tyson, but you can’t really ignore him. Some people like the sheer rawness in his fighting and love him for that. However, there is a whole opposite spectrum that dislikes him as he may come across as arrogant to such people. When he announced his fight with Roy Jones Jr. to be held in September, all the boxing fans went crazy. However, much to everyone’s disappointment, the fight has now been rescheduled for November 28.

Source: India Today

Why Did Mike Tyson Postpone His Fight

Mike Tyson is not a coward to delay his match due to some fear. Apparently, Mike is going inside the ring against Jones for an exhibition match. The revenue from this match will go for charity. Apparently, Mike’s team has taken the initiative to push the date of the fight. He feels that this will get them more views which will translate to more revenue. Since it is a match for charity, Jones’ team also agreed for the push on the date of the match. Now people will have to wait for almost two and a half months to see their boxing legends in the ring.

Mike Tyson To Take On Roy Jones Jr. In Front Of An Empty Stadium

The coronavirus pandemic has made social distancing as the new normal. As a result, gathering in big crowds may prove to be too costly as it can lead to the spread of the virus. Due to the very same reason, the fight between Tyson and Jones will happen in front of an empty stadium. It will be very disappointing for everyone to see the two fight on a screen. However, one can expect the situation to improve by November to make the in-person match a reality.

Source: Metro

Where Can You Watch The Fight Between Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr.

The match will stream online for people to see. It will have 8 rounds where people can watch Tyson taking on Jones through the music platform called Triller. With increased anxiety and anticipation for the match, it is sure to get more views by November.

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