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Mike Tyson Is Training With WWE Legend Kurt Angle For His Comeback


Mike Tyson, at the age of 54, is returning to the ring and training hard for it. The star has been training with none other than the WWE icon Kurt Angle himself.

He is also taking the help of Henry Cejudo, the former UFC champion, for weekend training sessions.

Tyson is nothing short of a legend himself for making a comeback at the time when most retire permanently from the ring. And he is making sure it goes well.

Training of the ‘baddest man on the planet.’

Mike Tyson would be facing Roy Jones Jr on November 28 for an eight-round fight. He started preparing for this back in March and enlisted trainer Rafael Cordeiro.

Cordeiro is a respected MMA trainer who has already gotten Tyson in great shape. Alongside him, Henry Cejudo and Kurt Angle are also helping him over the weekends.

Angle even shared a picture of the three of them on his Instagram page. He captioned it, “#SmartCups Ambassadors @henry_cejudo @miketyson and yours’ truly, at a training session today.”

Ever since he became the youngest ever heavyweight to win a world title in 1987, Mike Tyson has been known as ‘the Baddest Man on the Planet.’

Mike Tyson is doing good.

In a padwork session, Tyson was seen throwing a barrage of punches on his trainer. This shows how great his training is going on, and it’s going to be very difficult for Jones to tackle him.

The fight was to happen in September at first, in California at Dignity Health Sports Park, but was later on postponed to November 28.

Jones also admits that Tyson will be hard to control ones he gets into the ring. He told Yahoo Sports, “It’s a sparring session, but you have to remember, I’m the small guy here.”

He also said, “Andy Foster can’t control Mike once Mike gets in the ring. I’ve got to defend myself like I’m in a real fight. If Mike goes out there and decides to start hammering, what am I supposed to do, look at Andy?”

He said he has to prepare for whatever Mike may bring in the ring and be ready for the war.

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