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Mike Tyson Kicks Off Shark Week Of Discovery Channel By Getting Into The Underwater Ring With A SHARK !

Mike Tyson vs Shark
Source: Insider

Mike Tyson To Fight A Shark

Mike Tyson is hitting headlines during the time of coronavirus after announcing his comeback to boxing for an exhibition match. However, before that match, he is all set to fight a shark for the Discovery channel. He even took to Twitter to announce this episode which is related to the Shark Week in Discovery channel. The boxing legend is famous for pushing himself and this looks like something insane even for Mike Tyson. He tweeted, β€œThe only way to get over your fears? Dive straight in. Watch me kick off #SharkWeek with Tyson vs. Jaws: Rumble on the Reef tonight at 9 pm ET only on @Discovery.”

Mike Tyson vs Shark
Source: Insider

Mike Tyson Is Betting His Money On Himself

His fight with a shark is purely for research and the channel insists that the shark was not harmed for this. Mike Tyson on the other hand is asking people if he could take on a shark. Just like himself, his people are also confident that he would be able to fight even if it means the opponent is a shark. He said in another tweet, β€œI’m going toe to fin with Jaws on #SharkWeek right now! Turn on @Discovery and let me know who you’ve got your money on.”

Mike Tyson Has A Tough Shark Week

Fighting a shark is not something that you hear every day. It is obviously not a common thing even for Mike Tyson. This is probably why Mike thinks of the Shark Week as very challenging and tough for him. This is the first time a fighter of his stature is taking on an animal as deadly as a shark. He tweeted, β€œComeback = a whole lot of training. #SharkWeek was the toughest test of all.” Looks like Mike has finally found a challenge tough enough for him.

Mike Tyson
Source: Metro

Mike Tyson And His Intense Training

Mike Tyson made many heads turn when he revealed his comeback. He is doing some intense training to get back in shape. The video he posts in his social media handles about his training clearly shows that the boxer in him is still alive even after many years of retirement.

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