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Mike Tyson Throws Up Before Successfully Going Against Sharks For Discovery Channel !

Mike Tyson
Source: Insider

Mike Tyson Goes Against Sharks On Shark Week

Mike Tyson is one of the most lethal boxers that the world has ever seen. He has knocked out as many as 44 opponents during his boxing career. Hoping to carry the same momentum, he went underwater to fight sharks. Mike decided to take this challenge to start with Shark Week on the Discovery Channel. Tyson himself accepted that the entire task was a big challenge for him. He wanted to take his fears head-on for he likes to get into new challenges.

Mike Tyson
Source: Insider

Mike Tyson Completes Three Shark Related Challenges

Mike Tyson decided to push himself to the very next level by taking up three challenges related to the Sharks. None of the tasks were easy but he successfully completed the tasks. In the first task, he took on a group of lemon sharks. In the second task, Tyson was swimming with sharks. He pushed them away by his nose whenever any shark came too close to him. The last task was the icing on the cake when Tyson went against a shark after going 50 feet underwater. He successfully put the shark in a state of tonic immobility and completed the final task.

Mike Tyson Reveals He Was Scared For The Shark Challenges

Mike did not shy away from accepting that he was scared to face the sharks. However, he was more scared in the first task as he was inside a cage and was feeling claustrophobic. However, he got the hang of once he went to the subsequent tasks. Mike even vomited in the boat before going underwater out of fear. He said, β€œI was scared all the way through and was just trying to get through it alive. I’m a scary guy but not when it comes to adventurous stuff.”

Mike Tyson
Source: India Today


Mike Tyson Is Disappointed To Not See Tiger Shark

Even amid all the fear that was grappling his mind and body, he was still looking forward to meeting Tiger Shark. However, much to his disappointment, the shark never showed up. He said, β€œI was looking forward to meeting a tiger shark but he never showed up.”

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