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Mike Tyson Was On Verge Of Getting Crazier Face Tattoo

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Mike Tyson Was Going To Get A Face Tattoo But Changed His Mind


Mike Tyson Was On Verge Of Getting Crazier Face Tattoo: Even though a lot of people think the face tattoo of Mike Tyson is a little weird, it could have been even crazier.
Years earlier, the former heavyweight champion and movie star Hangover was dead set to place on his face a different tattoo. One he would regret.

Many people have asked why Tyson wanted to give his face a bold tattoo. But his answer is pretty straightforward. Put, according to an interview with Graham Bensinger, he liked the way it looked.

β€œI just thought it was a cool tattoo,” Tyson said. β€œI was gonna get a bunch of hearts and stuff and be like a, [unintelligable] that would’ve been really stupid.”

Bensinger questioned him what he was going to get.

β€œSome hearts and s–t,” Tyson repeats. β€œI’d have been the man of hearts, baby.”

He disclosed that the tattoo artist refused to do it for him when asked how close he came to getting the original tattoo.

β€œVery close,” Tyson said. β€œThe tattoo artist said β€˜no I’m not doing it’ … He said β€˜that’s not a tattoo for me, I can’t do that.’”

While that particular tattoo would not be offered to him by the tattoo artist, he decided that Tyson would find a better one. So he told Tyson to wait a few days for something better to be seen.

Tyson Says Women Likes His Face Tattoo

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In the same interview, Tyson added that he thought the tattoo was “hot” immediately after he got it. While many people were initially surprised to see the face tattoo of Tyson, Tyson himself says that women ‘s reaction was fantastic.

β€œI thought it was so hot, I thought it was so hot,” Tyson said, smiling. β€œCause listen … I’d be in these dens, and these clubs, and these strip places, sometimes, and all the girls came up to me and said β€˜Well, you’re very exotic, where are you from? Where your family from? All these tattoos, it’s exotic. Why did you put it on your face?’ They say I look like some tribesman and sβ€”t.

Tyson also revealed that on the Las Vegas strip, he bumped into a woman who was originally from the tribe the tattoo represents. According to Tyson, she had a priceless answer.

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