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Miley Cyrus’ First Time With A Guy Was Liam Hemsworth At The Age Of 16 !

Miley and Liam
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Miley Cyrus’ First Sex With A Guy Was Liam Hemsworth

Miley Cyrus gave some more light into her love life when she came for the latest episode of Call Her Daddy podcast. She revealed that the first time she had sex with a guy was none other than Liam Hemsworth when she was 16 years old. She said, “I didn’t go all the way with a dude until I was 16 … but I ended up marrying the guy. I lied and said he wasn’t the first, so I didn’t seem like a loser.” Miley and Liam eventually went on to marry each other. However, their marriage ended in divorce.

Miley Cyrus’ First Sexual Encounter Was A Threesome With Two Girls

Miley Cyrus revealed that sex with Liam was only the first time with a guy and that she did have sex with girls before that. She has never walked away from the fact that she has an attraction towards both sexes from a very young age. She proudly calls herself a pansexual person. Even after divorce from Liam, she has dated other women like Kaitlynn Carter. She said during the podcast, “The first time I ever hooked up with anyone was with a girl β€” two of them.”

Miley Cyrus Attraction To Men Came After Women

Miley Cyrus made many statements relating to her sexuality during the podcast. She revealed that her attraction towards boys came much later and initially she had a thing only for girls. She said, “I was attracted to girls way before I was ever attracted to guys. When I was like 11 or 12, my friends were starting to, like, tell me what they were doing with guys and I didn’t really understand it, so I got most of my girlfriends to hook up with me.”

Miley and Cody
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Miley Cyrus Breaks Up With Cody Simpson

Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson decided to split up after dating each other for ten months. Her relationship with Cody started sometime after her separation with Liam. In January 2020, the divorce between Miley and Liam came through. She never kept her relationship with Cody as a hush-hush and the two regularly posted pictures with each other.

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