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Miley Cyrus Opens Up About Splitting With Liam And Letting Go!

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Miley Cyrus Opens Up About Splitting With Liam And Letting Go!:

When you have all bottled up and finally reveal the deep inside feeling, you feel light.

Miley Cyrus spoke for 2 hours on Joe Rogan’sΒ Joe Rogan ExperienceΒ sharing all her experiences that went down in her life.

Miley Speaks About Her Voice.

Miley Cyrus spoke that she got to know a lot about her vocal cords that initially changed her voice. She also said that she had a rich voice, and votes get affected by experiences.

In 2019, she had undergone surgery after she got diagnosed with a vocal cord condition called Reinke’s Edema.

Miley Cyrus in the frame

She said that post-surgery, she was able to understand her instrument(voice), and she understood a lot of things.

Miley Spoke About Her Split With Liam

Source: Cosmopolitan
Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth

Miley believed that she wasn’t ready for a public divorce and that it wasn’t the fact that sucked, but the fact that she realized that they didn’t love each other anymore.

Towards the end, Miley compared love to a drug. She acknowledged that her breakup with Hemsworth felt like she was losing her pacifier and source of comfort initially.

Miley talks about her relationship and breaks up with Liam, about she felt during that time.

Miley accepted that she tends to let go of things when she felt that the relationship had felt over.

Miley’s New Song, ‘Midnight Sky.’Β 

Miley Cyrus has released her new song, ‘Midnight Sky’, and this sounds autobiographical.

Fans assume that the new album is dedicated to Liam Hemsworth, as the song talks about seems to be about escaping from a relationship and finding your way.

Taking about the time difference in her marriage ending and having making out with her friend.

The song may also have a reference to her relationship with Kaitlynn after announcing her divorce.

Miley Also Opens Up In The Kyle And Jackie O Show.

Kylie and co-host Jackie’ O’ Henderson

In a recent interview, in Β The Kyle and Jackie O Show,Β Miley gave hints that she might hunt for another Australian boyfriend.

Kyle and co-host Jackie’ O’ Henderson comments on Miley’s remark.

She even referred that she wanted to go shopping in Australia.

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