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Millions Of Users Quit Use Of Chrome Just Because Google

Millions Of Users Quit Use Of Chrome
Millions Of Users Quit Use Of Chrome

Google And Chrome

Admit it; Chrome is a daily part of our lives. You need anything, any information, or any search, just open Chrome and Google it. It has been providing is with one of the best services since forever. It even gets updates and hardly lags.

Millions Of Users Quit Use Of Chrome
Millions Of Users Quit Use Of Chrome

Who even uses other search engines and apps? I think explorer andΒ Firefox are still some to be efficiently used by PC users. If you have an Android, you use Chrome by default (unless you want to use the browser of the phone for some reason).

So, no yahoo Yahoo and bing, right? You shouldn’t have any reason to complain about it, right? That’s where you’re wrong.

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The Dangers And Bugs: Be Alert

Millions Of Users Quit Use Of Chrome We just got an update last year; I remember because I had skipped it unless it installed the upgrade on its own. Now, Google has been improving and developing Chrome for a long time.

Recently, they let us know some really important details which will leave us thinking. Chrome isn’t quite safe and does attract bugs. There’s a code that is, without doubt, responsible for huge security holes and vulnerabilities.

The Reason For Such Vulnerability

Millions Of Users Quit Use Of Chrome
Millions Of Users Quit Use Of Chrome

Besides letting its users know of the actual problem, the developers also share the reason why such problems occur. It’s the old programming language that is now in use for 40+ years. C and C++ lack certain things that can fixed with the help of recent programming languages.

They are working on exactly this and hope they’re successful. The coding errors from such early forms of language are constantly under the process of being modified.

So what to use? Even Opera and most other browsers use the same codes and programming language. Firefox comes to the rescue. Unlike other browsers, it uses Rust to run. So, if you’re considering changing your default browser, this might be the better option for you!

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