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Mindy Kaling Net Worth $24 Million And Other Works!

Mindy Kaling
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Mindy Kaling Much More Than A Comedic Actor

Mindy Kaling Net Worth $24 Million And Other Works!: A well-earned position as a member of Hollywood, Mindy Kaling has established herself among the best. Best known for her characters like Kelly Kapoor fromΒ ‘The Office’Β andΒ  Mindy Lahiri from ‘The Mindy Project’.

Mindy Kelly
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Most of her fans know her for her being a comedic actor, but she is much more. She is also created many shows for herself and most of her career written many of the hit shows.

Mindy Kelly written show, Never Have I Ever
Source: Journey Magazine

Recently, she had releasedΒ ‘Never Have I Ever’, which is also among her works. The show recently released on Netflix.

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Mindy has almost completed 15 years in the industry, and without a second thought can be given an A-list status.

Mindy Kaling Net Worth $24 Million

With her work on-screen and off-screen it isn’t much of a surprise that she has amassed such an amount. She isn’t just a simple actress.

In 2005, she got her first major break on-screen in the hilarious film, ‘The 40-Year-Old Virgin’; this was the first step in the making of Mindy.

Mindy Kaling playing Kelly Kapoor fromΒ 'The Office'
Source: E! Online

With the role ofΒ  Kelly Kapoor, on ‘The Office’ Mindy became a series regular, with the hit show. A fun fact that’s not much known is that she was also the story writer for the show. It was the first show she had written while going on to write many more.

She was the first and only person of colour to write for ‘The Office’. Mindy has amassed herΒ Β Β  $24 Million from shows that she has created as well as starred in.

Mindy Kelly as Mindy Lahiri from 'The Mindy Project'
Source: Deadline

Mindy so far has created shows that have been a significant hit, such as ‘The Mindy Project’, ‘Champions’, ‘Four Weddings & A Funeral’ and ‘Never Have I Ever’.

‘Never Have I Ever’, is from Mindy childhood features a cast of predominantly South Asian actors, the show has been recently released in Netflix and is one of a hilarious show.

Mindy so far has earned herself 6 Emmy Award nominations, for her work as a writer and actress. In addition to her resume that consists of writing television shows, acting, directing and producing.

In other words, she has earned most of her money from television and writing, but she is also a well-published author. She has written two books that got featured on the New York Times Best Selling Author List. So far, she has been able to write four novels.

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