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Minecraft Dungeons: Release Date, Beta, Leaks, Rumours? Read The Article To Know More!

Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft first hit the PCs in 2011. Its development from an open sandbox world to explore by yourself to a worldwide community of players is impressive. Those who have played Minecraft before will know much about the strategies of the game. This article reveals all details about Minecraft Dungeons.

The critical part of the game is adventuring underground for resources. However, one of the most dangerous parts includes lava, zombies, creepers, and cave spiders. The game got its inspiration from classic dungeon crawler games and set the Minecraft universe. The gameplay puts you along with up to three other players on an epic quest through dungeons to battle with enemies. In the end, you need to save the villagers from an evil Arch-Illiger!

Minecraft Dungeons
The gameplay image of Minecraft Dungeons.

Release Date

Minecraft Dungeons has plans to release on 26 May 2020. It is available onΒ Xbox One,Β PS4, PC, and Nintendo Switch. However, with the current crisis due to the coronavirus, delays may take place. We have already seen Fortnite have to push back Chapter 2 Season 3, and The Last of Us II is alsoΒ postponed. So, fans are just hoping that there will be no further delay.

Minecraft Dungeons: Price And Pre-order

Dungeons will also be available on PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch, similar to the regular Minecraft. It will be probably available on whatever hardware you usually game on.

On every console and PC, the game will cost you around Β£14.99($19.99). However, you can pre-order for Xbox One and PC now at most of the game retailers.

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Hero Edition

Xbox and PC players also have access to a particular version of Minecraft Dungeons called the Hero Edition. For Β£24.99($29.99) the players get a few extras with the game likeΒ Hero Cape, Two-player skins, Chicken pet and Two DLC packs which will be coming soon.

Minecraft Dungeons
The image exposes the Beta version of Minecraft Dungeons.

Beta Sign-Up

You can even visit theΒ official website. There you need to give your details as well as what platform you play the game on. With this, you may have a chance of getting the beta version. There may be a chance of you being one of the lucky ones to get beta access!


Minecraft crossplay has also broken down some of the walls among the community. Now, Xbox, PC, and Switch players can play together. Though it took them some time, Sony finally allows its players to join in too.

So, there will be a crossplay between Xbox & PC players. On the other hand, Switch and PS4 players will remain isolated to begin with.

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