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Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison Is Charging Chauvin

Protests In America
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Minnesota Updates On George’s Justice

Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison is charging Chauvin with all the necessary steps to make justice for George. So, Minnesota A-G’s were trying to impart all the sections as per the law. Also, he is the one who pressed his knee against George’s neck for more than eight minutes. However, the other three officers who were present at the place have got with aiding and abetting for murder. So, as per recent upgrades as per Minnesota AG, the main police officer who killed George will now face trial for 2nd-degree murder. However, he has got the manslaughter charge and the third-degree murder.

Also, many people have come on roads to protest for justice in George’s death. Polices were trying to vacate all the people, as ongoing issues of coronavirus pandemic, is very high in the United States. But, people were listening to the officials, and some were creating violence on the roads of America.

Minnesota Attorney Genera
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Charges On Chauvin

Also, the government of America is taking the case very seriously to serve justice. So, after imposing all the charges on Chauvin, people who were protesting on roads were mostly stayed peacefully. However, many people have implemented curfew on the streets like Washington DC, Atlanta, New York, and in some places.

So, many people were sharing their voices in sending the soldiers to dominate on the streets of America. Also, a US Defence Secretary, Mark Esper, said that Floyd’s death is a horrible crime on the part of a police officer. However, he opposes using military officers to control the people, who were protesting on the roads of the United States.

Protests In America
Source Ford Foundation

Other Details

Esper said that Military officers would enter into the country only if the country faces some urgent and dire situation as per the law. So, it feels that there is no such necessity as of now in the situations of America.

Also, as per the charges laid on Devin, he will be in prison for almost 40 years. The other three officers will be charged according to the law. So, people of the United States wants the right justice.


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