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Minority Businesses Hit Due To MLB Decision To Move Out All-Star Game: Georgia Governor Kemp

Source: AP News

A few weeks back,Β GeorgiaΒ Governor passed a voting bill that raised some questions and created a big debate in the US. According to experts, the law will disproportionately affect people of color as it is a threat to their voting rights. The law drew criticism from many corners but the bold decision by MLB made the loudest noise. This year’s MLB All-Star game was supposed to take place in Atlanta. As a protest against the voting law, MLB took a stand and decided to move the game out of Atlanta.

The Republicans criticized the decision and said that big corporations were trying to bully the government by imposing their ideas. Democrats supported the move and lauded MLB for taking a bold decision. Now Governor Brian Kemp has revealed that the decision of MLB will hit the small businesses, which were already in a bad shape due to the pandemic. He said: “It’s minority-owned businesses that have been hit harder than most because of an invisible virus by no fault of their own. And these are the same minority businesses that are now being impacted by another decision that is by no fault of their own.”

Governor Kemp Criticizes MLB For Mixing Politics With Sports

Governor Kemp is not happy with how MLB has mixed politics with sports. He said that sports should purely be about entertainment and nothing more and the decision made by MLB was unnecessary and uncalled for. According to Kemp, MLB has taken out the essence of the game by β€œinjecting” politics into baseball. β€œPeople shouldn’t have to go to the game and worry about if they’re sitting next to a Joe Biden supporter or a Donald Trump supporter. They ought to be able to go to the game, cheer for their team just like if you’re in church worshipping.” 

The All-Star game has now been shifted to Denver and Brian criticized MLB even for that decision. He argued how Denver has a lower percentage of Black people compared to Atlanta and it defeated the β€œpurpose” for which MLB moved the game out of the city in the first place.Β 

Fox News Host Sean Hannity Criticizes MLB For Costing Georgia $100 Million

Fox News host Sean Hannity was not pleased with how MLB moved the All-Star game out of Atlanta. As per his estimates, it was going to give a boost of more than $100 million to the people of Georgia. He feels that instead of supporting the movement lead by MLB against the voting law, people should be furious at the organization for taking such a big step.Β 

He further said: β€œJoe Biden, Stacey Abrams, Major League Baseball, Delta, Coca-Cola — they all lied about Georgia’s election laws and that has now cost the people of Georgia almost $100 million in revenue. Every person in Georgia should be furious with Biden, Abrams, Major League Baseball, and, frankly, almost 200 spineless corporations for amplifying these lies.”

Hannity Criticizes Joe Biden For Playing The Race Card

When Governor Kemp signed the voting bill, President Joe Biden was one of the first people to criticize it. He compared the bill to the racist bills that were once passed in the 80s and 90s. Americans believed in his words and now a majority of the people are against the voting act passed in Georgia. Hannity feels Biden was wrong in playing the race card and now he should apologize to the people of Georgia for the loss that he has caused to the state.Β 

He said: “Joe Biden needs to apologize to the people of Georgia, to the Georgia legislature. He needs to take responsibility for his actions and, frankly, his lack of applying the same standards all across the board because what he is doing is absolutely disgusting and completely dishonest. Why hasn’t anyone in the media mob… asked him to apologize? He is straight-up lying, completely disregarding the facts. This law in Georgia does not limit early voting, it actually expands it. It does not reduce voting hours, it actually gives voters more flexibility to decide when they want to vote.”

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