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Miranda Lambert Confirms To Star His Husband Brendan McLoughlin In New Music Video.

Finally, it’s something everyone was waiting for. Miranda Lambert recently announced that his husband Brendan McLoughlin in her new music video. The star took to her social media to confirm this news. Check out everything you need to know.

Miranda Lambert’s New Music Video

On 19 October, Monday Miranda Lambert took to her Instagram to announce and confirm that her new music video will be out in a few days. And her husband Brendan will be staring in her music video.


Miranda has been in the headlines for quite some time. She has dated Sheldon and then cheated on him with Brendan. However, we dated the husband Brendan for quite sometime after which she got married to him in 2019. The two are together ever since.

Picture via Instagram

After Miranda made the announcement, she posted a few stories her Instagram answering the most asked questions by her fans related to the music video. It looks like fans can’t wait for her new music video to come out yet.


On her Instagram, she was asked which scene of her music video is her favourite part. To which she responded by placing a small clip. In the clip, she was horse riding and was looking incredibly sexy. Whereas on the other hand, we can see her husband. She was looking at her.


She answered many more questions, such as the location of the place where the video is shot the date of release and much more. But what’s the essential thing is soon after she announced through her social media post. It went viral on all the social media and fans can’t wait to watch the music video. What do you think about it?

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