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Missouri Has Become The First US State To Sue China


The outbreak of the COVID-19 has brought the world to a halt. Cities have been forced into lockdown. People are quarantined in dozens. The pandemic has left the world in chaos. With markets collapsing and death rate increase per day, the officials struggle day in and day out for a cure. Now, Missouri has become the first state to sue China.

Origins of the Coronavirus or the COVID-19 have been traced back to Wuhan, China. This has drastically drawn all the attention towards China. As the situation worsens, the governments have been at logger’s heads with China, demanding answers to get the know the exact truth.

While the likes of Donald Trump, the U.S President, has openly deemed China responsible for this outbreak, Chinese officials continue to defend themselves. But it looks like China has received its first lawsuit which can lead the way for more. It seems that trouble is on the cards for Xi Jinping.

The official news from Fox News confirms the situation.

Missouri: What Does The Lawsuit Say?

Missouri, a state in the midwestern region of the United States, has officially sued China. The lawsuit was filed on Tuesday 21/04/2020,Β  in the federal court by Republican Attorney Eric Schmitt against the Chinese government.

The lawsuit alleges that Beijing suppressed information regarding COVID-19 from the rest of the world, resulting in a pandemic that has killed around 1.7 million people worldwide. It also mentions that China arrested whistleblowers and other potential sources of information that could’ve warned the world regarding the contagious nature of the virus.

Eric Schmitt has said in a written statement that the Chinese government took almost no measures in preventing the spread of the deadly virus. He has also held the Chinese government responsible for the mass suffering, deaths, and economic losses inflicted upon the world. The lawsuit also alleges China for:

  • Destroying critical medical research
  • Hoarding Personal Protective Equipment(PPE)
  • Permitting millions of people to be exposed to the virus.
  • Denying potential human-to-human transmission to the World Health Organisation(WHO).
  • Continuing with New Year Celebrations despite the risk of further infection.
  • Refusing access to health officials until Mid February
  • Sending worthless equipment to Europe

The number of cases in the state of Mussorie has risen to 6000 leaving 215 people dead as a result of the pandemic.

The twitter post that says Missouri sues China for the pandemic.

How Does This Lawsuit Affect China?

The United States doesn’t allow lawsuits against foreign countries, leaving aside a few exceptions. So it seems unlikely that this law has any impact on China. According to Chimene Keitner, a law professor at the Hastings College Of Law, California, it is just not possible.

While many members of the senate welcomed this lawsuit, it has been deemed as a publicity stunt by many members of the opposition.

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