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Mitch McConnell Says The New Stimulus Packages Will Include Checks! Stimulus Check Update

Mitch McConnell
Source: Fortune

Mitch McConnell Says The New Stimulus Packages Will Include Checks!: Everybody awaits the second round of the Stimulus Package. With the CARES Act expiring on the 25th, everyone’s on the edge of their seats waiting to know more about the second wave of the COVID relief.

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Nonetheless, let us get into the details of the new Stimulus Package.

The Second Wave

On Tuesday, Senate leader Mitch McConnell presented an outline of what to expect from the new Republican’s package relief proposal. There will be the Democrats’ proposal too.

The next wave will likely be around the Pandemic Unemployment Act i-e the PUA, which also includes the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act i-e the CARES Act.

Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell

ThisΒ federally funded unemployment aid which provides an additional $600 per week. However, this time, the PUA has reduced it to $200 per week.

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Why $200?

The lowered PUA came after the US citizens stopped working and relied on the $600 per week amount. GOP lawmakers long argued that the boost ‘disincentivized’ Americans to return to work.

This happened because many Americans were making the same amount or more on unemployment with the boost than they did before losing their jobs.

Stimulus Check 2020
Source: Fortune

The Democrats and prominent economists support as an extension of enhanced employment benefits. If the Americans maintain it, the economy will be afloat.

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Schools To Reopen?

The new GOP meetings suggested that the officials should reopen the schools, but with a mask mandate. It will help the failing economy, and the education system will remain in check.

When talking about the schools, Mitch McConnell said:

“This majority is preparing legislation that will send $105 billion so that the educators have the resources they need to safely reopen. That is more money than the house Democrats set aside for a similar fund, by the way. And that’s, in addition, to support child care needs.”

Lastly, the GOP spoke about the vaccines and the fund for discovering it. Sources say that the next stimulus package will not have a bill without liability protection for everyone related to the Coronavirus.




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