MLB The Show 20 Baseball Video Game Exclusive For PlayStation 4 Consoles

MLB The Show 20 Baseball Video Game Exclusive For PlayStation 4 Consoles

MLB The Show 20, one of the finest sports sim series is all set to entertain the baseball fans.

MLB The Show 20 is a baseball video game based on Major League Baseball by SIE San Diego Studio. It is published by Sony Interactive Entertainment and will be released for Play Station 4 and Play Station 4 pro on March 17, 2020

Sony revealed that it would be available on other platforms too later in the year 2021

The pre-booking of MLB The Show 20 provides the baseball fans with extra in-game bonuses and some perks in which they can customize their own baseball players

The pre-ordering bonus will also include a Javy Baez Flashback card and 5,000MLB The show 20 stubs


Sony released a trailer in which classic uniforms are showed off, and new additions are seen

The teaser included some top minor league prospects like Wander Franco, Casey Mize and former Heisman Trophy-winning Tim Tebow

The parts which can be improvised are the conversation between the three commentators and the visual presentation with probably full ESPN or Fox Sports for the players

New add ons

The game has got some improvisation with the free-agent negotiations, Β the general manager goalsΒ  which make the player feel like they are playing with a checklist and the player morale

Fielding isΒ  made more accessible by givingΒ  more importance which is often ignored in baseball

New play strategies, different kind of customizations like relocating the team to new cities and renaming the team and logo

The game includes new competitive events, minor league rosters, updated player development, new defensive improvements, a new mode called Shutdown mode assumed to be a part of the Diamond Dynasty mode and 30 new home run animation swings.

There is an option called the showTime, which allows to slow down the time in certain situations in the field. The carryover saves option is also included


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