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Mnuchin Insists Both Parties Agree To Avoid Shutdown; Urges For More Stimulus

Mnuchin Insists Both Parties Agree To Avoid Shutdown; Urges For More Stimulus: On Sunday, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin offered hope that Republicans and Democrats will approve a new appropriations package. Both he and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi agreed to avoid a shutdown.

Both parties need to agree to a government funding bill by the end of this month to avoid this shutdown. During this coronavirus pandemic, it is difficult for a country to manage everything.

On the White House Lawn driveway, Mnuchin said that the good news is that Speaker Nancy Pelosi has agreed to not having a shutdown.

Mnuchin has already talked with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, and President Donald Trump.

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Mnuchin further added that Republicans are planning on a more targeted bill focused on kids and jobs. It seems to be their top priority.

According to Mnuchin, their current top plan is to keep the coronavirus discussion separate, focussing on kids and jobs.

So, this bill will supposedly be skinny, and it won’t address issues related to coronavirus. The State Department will be currently concerned with specific fees structure.

Also, we need to keep in mind how Republicans are treating America’s needs.


Nancy Pelosi and Steven Mnuchin in the frame

On Sunday morning, Pelosi said funding for food security is essential. Millions of children in the States are facing food insecurity. Republicans have done zero financings of children facing food insecurity. They have nothing related to food security, no funds to help people pay the rent.

The crucial central fact is that America’s working families are more concerned about sending their children to school.

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