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Modern Love Season 2: The Second Season in 2020 Only? Cast, Storyline, Everything You Should Know!

Modern Love Saeson 2

Love is in the air! That statement is very untrue in recent times. The only thing in the air is a virus, and I hope all of us are social distancing. In the midst of this, don’t forget to fall in love each day with your significant other. To enhance such feelings, we have Modern Love Season 2.

Modern Love StorylinesΒ 

As the title suggests, Modern Love is a spectacular show. About Love, of course. I have witnessed numerous adaptations of the New York Times column love stories. This show chalks out to be one of the best.

Modern Love Season 2
The overview of Amazon Prime’s Modern Love with * different true love stories.

We have no clue what is coming up for the next season. With no official trailer or teaser, it is hard to determine which stories will be featured. One thing for sure is, it will once again take us through a lot of heartbreaks and rollercoaster emotions. Keep your napkins ready.

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Modern Love Season 2: Cast

Amazon Prime has done a pretty good job in the development of such a show. A lot of our beloved romantic stars have appeared here.

I love Anne Hathaway. I think that smile itself represents the little emotion of Love. She has done a fantastic job in the previous season, and I wish she is back (chances are slim). Similarly, Tina Fey, Andrew Scott, and Ed Sheeran have been in it. Let’s keep guessing who is next.

Modern Love Season 2
The cast of the Amazon Prime’s upcoming Modern Love Season 2.

Release Date And Trailer

Modern Love has been on our watchlist for a long time now, I can already tell. It seems like the official accounts are not planning on releasing this series soon. There could have been delays due to the outbreak, but that too is highly improbable.

To be exact, we can expect Season 2 this year itself. Remember how October marks the first season? Do you think it will be aired on the same date? Fingers crossed!

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