Money Heist Actress Itziar Ituno Sings Bollywood Song ’Chunari Chunari’

What is happening? Bollywood is taking over the world, with people from all around the world falling in love with its style, songs and more. Recently, Money Heist actress Itziar Ituno sung famous Bollywood song ‘Chunari Chunari’. And that is not all the famous iconic Bollywood stars Salman Khan and Susmita Sen have even reacted to the song. Fans are enjoying this adorable moment after the video of the actress went viral on the internet. Check out everything you need to know about it.

Itziar Ituno’s Viral Video

A video of Money Heist fame Itziar Ituno from an interview has gone viral on the internet. In the video, we can see her talking about how much she loves Bollywood. Moreover how much she loves Bollywood songs. After which she was asked to sing a Bollywood song if she knows any. To which she sang a very famous Bollywood song ‘Chunari Chunari’. It was a very sweet as well as a proud moment for the Indians to see a forgiven women especially such a famous star buzzing on a Bollywood song.


Soon after that video was uploaded it went viral on all the social media. Millions of people interacted with the video in less than 24 hours. The video was shared by thousands of India people, praising her to attempt an India culture by singing Bollywood songs. Fans and viewers have just gone crazy right after they saw the video. And it went all across on the internet to an extent that even the main lead characters of the song noticed it.


Susmita Sen’s Response

Susmita Sen the actress in the song replied to the video saying ‘Yeh Baat’ which a bunch of really cute emojis. And if you think that is all then you are probably wrong, because many Bollywood celebrities responded to the post. Including Salman Khan. And that’s still not all. Netflix India shared the entire clip and captioned it in a fun way.

Picture via Twitter.

Netflix India on Twitter shared and captioned it saying that she can be the video no. 1 of whichever city you want. And that went viral as well. No wonder why viewers and fans loved the video so much. Money Heist had been one of the most famous series recently.


It is the only non-English series on Netflix to receive more than 65 million views in much less time. Currently, Netflix has released 4 season and fans are just waiting for the 5th season to steam. However, there’s no confirmation about the release date or anything. And when an actress of such a famous series sang a Bollywood song fans couldn’t resist but go crazy.


Indian audience has loved Money Heist to an extent that it has been in the top 5 of Netflix India for months. And there’s barely any non-English series that gets so much love and appreciation from the Indian audience. Itziar Ituno who plays Agent Raquel Murillo in the Spanish series Money Heist streaming on Netflix had sung the Bollywood song that is currently going viral.

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