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Money Heist Fans ‘Is Highly Upset’ As They Spot The Huge Professor’s Mistake!

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Money Heist’s Season 4 Leaves Its Fans Devastated Due The Professor’s Mistake.

Money Heist aired its fourth season earlier in this month. However, this season put its fans thoroughly upset. When it comes to this Spanish Netflix series, all its fans are angry because Nairobi was shot in the head by Gandia. , due to the “Money Heist: Professor’s Mistake”.

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The main reason behind their disappointment is because of The Professor’s mistake, he is not more prepared. It is only because of him Nairobi died. The previous seasons grabbed the attention of a vast audience all over the world. But, the fourth season did not meet the expectations of the fans.

What Happened In The Fourth Season Of Money Heist?

We have seen that during the third and fourth seasons of the drama, the Professor and his team of professional criminals attempt another elaborate heist. However, the gang goes into the Bank of Spain. Nairobi has her heart set on having another child with The Professor when she gets out with the gold.

Later, Nairobi is shot in the head by Gandia. But it shouldn’t have happened so. Before this, Nairobi gets shot by a sniper as Alicia Sierra parades her son in front of the bank.

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What Is The Main Blame On The Professor?

Since Nairobi is shot twice in season 4, the fans blame it for being The Professor’s fault. However, in the first season of the series, we have seen the team trying to persuade Rio to hand himself over and reveal the gang’s plan for the Royal Mint.

But Rio refuses to do so. They even warn him that the police may try to manipulate him into exposing The Professor and his plan emotionally. So, this tells how much The Professor needs to be prepared to face the police.

Money Heist: The Professor’s Mistake

In the fourth season, we have seen that The Professor doesn’t plan much for the robbery of the Bank Of Spain. Nairobi also gets shocked when she sees Alicia Sierra holding her son’s hand.

So, the primary blame on The Professor is that he didn’t plan for Nairobi’s child to be used against her. This is the only reason behind her death. However, some others defended him, saying he could never have expected Nairobi’s child to become part of the negotiation.

Whatever, the reason could be, the fourth season put all its fans in disappointment.


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