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Money Heist Inspired Bank Robbery In Brazil



A Money Heist Inspired Bank Robbery Happened In Brazil Recently.

Source: Indianexpress
Source: Indianexpress

People take money scattered on the floor after a mega robbery. The modality of crime is called ‘Novo CangaΓ§o’,” wrote a user while sharing the viral clip.An organized ”crime gang” besieged CriciΓΊma, a city in southeast Brazilian city early Tuesday. They ransacked bank offices, took prisoners, and shot two individuals, as indicated by the chairman and the police.

Twitter Feeds On The Heist

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The amount of money stolen has not yet been specified. However, the robbery went on for 60 minutes. ClΓ©sio Salvaro is the city hall leader. Afterward, he said that the city is on red alert. In addition to this, he requested occupants to remain at home.

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Official Reports About The Heist

Along with this, he said, “Along with the military specialists and security powers, we proceed to screen and follow current realities. Remain at home.”

Furthermore, he added:

“I have no clue about where they are from, yet they are particular. We have never encountered this throughout the entire existence of the city.”

After that, Salvaro also announced that around six people had been abducted. After that, they were later liberated.

“I conversed with them. They are well. The data we have is that everybody was delivered,” Salvaro said in a meeting. It was with GloboNews, the biggest media source in Brazil.

Additionally, at 6 AM on Tuesday morning, four individuals involved with the heist had been captured. Besides, police recovered a fraction of the cash the robbers took, neighborhood reports said.

For instance, watch another video related to the incident:

In fact, more than 20 robbers stormed a bank in CametΓ‘ in Brazil. They fled in a convoy of vehicles, according to news agency Reuters report.

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