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Money Heist: Is It Going To Be The Same Without Nairobi? Reasons Why She Should Live

Money Heist
The poster of the La Casa De Papel aka Money Heist with Nairobi in its cover.

Money Heist:

Money Heist, the Spanish television heist crime series, has drastically changed the public opinion regarding robbers. Guided by a mastermind calling himself “The Professor”, the show revolves around the biggest heist recorded. With over 167 million subscribers in over 190 countries, the show has become a milestone in the History of Netflix.

The fourth season of Money Heist has been a blessing in a time of quarantine. With the release of the new season, the lockdown has been eased to some extent. Post-Narcos, Money Heist has beenΒ  Netlflix’s most popular non-English show. The show has had its fans hooked on a group of misfit criminals. It hasn’t taken long for people to fall in love with them. The stakes and thrills have risen season by season.

Facing off hurdles and tragedies along the way, the gang of insanely charming criminals pulls off the biggest heist recorded in History. Lead by the fan-favourite Professor, they take off with €2.4 billion from the Royal Mint Of Spain before going their separate ways.

Money Heist Season 4

Will It Be The Same Without Nairobi?

Nairobi quickly rose to become one of the most popular among the fans. The end of Season 3 saw Nairobi get shot by a Police Sniper. Season 4 took off where the previous one had left off. Those who have already witnessed the four seasons know clearly that Nairobi survived the gunshot.

However, the bullet put through Nairobi’s head has left the fans depressed and sad beyond extent. As per people all around, the brutal ending given to Nairobi was uncalled for. Luring her son to make her see him, Nairobi was taken down by a Police sniper at the end of Season 3. But her spirit kept her alive and kicking to return for the fourth season.

Money Heist
Gandia is pointing a gun at Nairobi in Money Heist Part 4.

The early part of the fourth season saw the Head Of Security of the Bank managing to escape and making his way out. After preying on the gang members for a while, by the end of season six, he ends up shooting Nairobi in the head.

Her death has left fans devastated. The perfect combination of loyalty, calmness, and intelligence, Nairobi will never be seen again. It is difficult to imagine the show without the second in charge. For someone who loved crime, she sure as hell was high at it. Despite being a thief, Nairobi was always hopeful about her future.

Be it a pep talk to the Professor, a slap in the face for Tokyo or getting Berlin back on track for the mission, Nairobi was the answer to everything. Not Tokyo, not Berlin, but it was Nairobi who was always the second in charge of the operation.

Money Heist
Nairobi taking charge over the gang in Money Heist part 1.

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Why Should Nairobi’ve Lived?

The fourth season has left people with a lot of loose ends and several shocking discoveries, from Berlin’s wife to The Professor’s Love affair with the chief negotiator. But what has taken the fans by surprise was Nairobi’s son. Her son was the sole reason for Nairobi to pull off this heist.

But fate had other ideas for her. Her brutal ending was not the farewell she deserved. It was Nairobi who kept the team on its toes and The Professor on track. Despite knowing the severity of committing a crime, Nairobi never let the pain, scare and stress show up on her face throughout the entire heist.

Money heist
The image from Money Heist portraying Nairobi as its cover.

Having regretted her past deeply, Nairobi had in-depth plans for her future. She should’ve lived to see what the future had in store for her.

Taking to Twitter, the fans have expressed their dismay at the fate met by Nairobi. Many have called it uncalled for a while a lot of them are urging her return.

Considered as the perfect combination of a snarky soccer mom and a criminal mastermind, the show isn’t going to be the same without Nairobi!

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